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4Zelda: Skyward Sword

Had this come out ten years ago, matching modern console hardware back then, the graphics would've been pretty good. Now it's just an upscaled flickering low-poly pixelsoup.

Skyward Sword has the best use of waggle so far, and that isn't something good, it's complete bullshit crap and I hate it. It just shows how even more horrible the rest of the wii games are. You have to struggle with getting the wii to understand what kind of motion you are doing, when they could have just as well been mapped to buttons. Enemies become hard to beat because of it. You have to keep recalibrating the wiimote to make it sort of work for a little while. This game would play so much better on an xbox360 in 1080p even without higher detailed 3d-models, and with a 360 gamepad. Instead the wii just keeps on making me hate waggle more and more. I skip doing things in the game cause I know how horrible it is to use the wiimote.

On game mechanics, there are few tiny improvements, like multiple savepoints inside dungeons, but plenty of old annoying "features" from previous games. But a 2% improvement over pretty much the same game 10 years ago is an extreme underachievement by Nintendo.

To top it all off, the game ends with a choice you have to search the web for an explanation of or you will lose your savefile. W T F.
And of course, seeing how the Wii can't do title updates like modern consoles even though it has network connectivity and can update other wii software, there's no chance of fixes for bugs.
Only play this game if you are a Zelda fan and can stand the absolute crap joke that waggle is.
Thank you Nintendo for ruining an otherwise okay game by pissing all over it with your wii.

3New Super Mario Bros. WiiIdentical to the DS game but with multiplayer capability (1-4). Sure it's fun to play together, but in this game you keep ruining for each other all the time. The wiimote in horizontal mode has the worst ergonomics in gamepad history, even the NES pad was better. I do NOT want to waggle to pick up a block or jump, there is no reason you couldn't have put that on a button, it worked for all previous mario games, BETTER. Why not offer the use of your classic controller which actually has a slightly better d-pad? The d-pad on the wiimote makes my thumb hurt after just an hour, compared to after 8 hours with the old NES/SNES pads. Also the usual wii complaints like crap lowres graphics.

2Wii Sports ResortDid you like the first one? Then you'll like this one. It is slightly better, with much better hardware giving you precise moves. However, just randomly waggling in sports like sword fighting still makes you win over someone who tries to use skills. Nice try Nintendo, but ultimately FAIL.

4Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Star Wars Complete SagaFun platforming that works very well in 2-player co-op with any casual gamer friend. Buggy and crappy graphics with a few ways to force a replay of levels cause you get stuck. Quite short story if you just go from A to B, but lots of replay value to catch all hidden rooms and treasures. Gameplay is identical to Lego Star Wars. Plus: no silly wiimote waving!

2Ghost SquadFun crazy jap style lightgun game. Suffers from lack of lightguns and being extremely short, like less than an hour.

4Mario KartSeems to be like the n64/gc games but with online mode. Also, you're screwed if you use the gamecube controller (kotaku).

4.5Mario GalaxyBest wii game out there. About 10hrs to finish with minimum amount of stars, probably more than twice the time if you can be bothered to get most stars. cons: standard wii deficiencies, lowres, wiimote/nunchuk, no gamecube pad support. pros: not much gimmicky wiimote moves.

2Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesLightgun zombie action, we all love that. Suffers from really crap graphics, lack of new material and no lightguns.

2House of the dead 2 and 3Yes you shoot some zombies and yes it's fun for 20 minutes, but it's a sloppy arcade port from the past. Restart from the beginning when you die and no real lightguns (still).

2Elebits aka EledeesGimmicky fun to experiment with for 20 mins, and that's stretching it. I hang on that long cause I was hoping for more.

4.5Zelda: Twilight Princess(read gamecube review). Sloppy port from the gamecube version but you're forced to do gimmicky moves which of course lowers the score. Only addition is widescreen and in effect higher resolution, but it's not worth it if you have to use a wiimote.

5Resident Evil 4(read gamecube review). Same game plus more. Wiimote controls are slapped on and don't work well (surprise!), luckily you can still use the gamecube controller. You get some extra missions from the ps2-version and full widescreen instead of the gamecube's letterbox view.

3Smash BrosSeems to be like the n64/gc version, in which case it is fun if you are 3 or more people.

2WarioWare Smooth Movestech demo

1WiiPlaytech demo

1Wii Sportstech demo

1Zack And Wiki Quest For Barbaros TreasureSuper puzzle wiimote tech demo

2Super Paper MarioOnce again, Nintendo shows just how far behind sony/ms they are. No online patching for a horrible bug in the game, instead they put up an announcement on their webpage on how to avoid the bug. Laughable.

2Super Monkey Ball Banana BlitzHey, let's take a gamecube game and tack on lousy wiimote controls.

1Red SteelLow budget, crap control tech demo.

1Rayman Raving Rabbidstech demo

1Puzzle Quest Challenge of the WarlordsWorst laughable port ever. Go play it on the DS instead.

1Pirates of the Carribbean At Worlds EndMovie license generic platformer

2No More HeroesExtreme wanking to recharge the weapon. Lousy graphics and horrible wiimote controls. The tutorial in the game was more than I could stand, but i played that thru and up till the first boss, and hated every minute of it. I only did it cause some people had claimed it was good.

2NiGHTS Journey Of Dreamsrehash with no extras. looks extremely dated

1Metal Slug Anthologydefault game has infinite lives. just walk forward and shoot, the game is completed in an hour.

3Metroid Prime 3 Corruptionquite similar to prevous prime games. the aiming is slightly better with the wiimote for the short amount of time you can stand holding it just right. gimmicky moves ruin it ofcourse and it puts a strain on your wrist after an hour or two. they shouldve added optional gamepad support. idiots.

2Kororinpathe wimote controls kindof actually works in this game. but you can find flash games with more depth

1Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenixmovie license generic platformer

2Geometry Wars Galaxieswelcome to 20 years ago

2Excite Truckhi, we want to make a game like motorstorm too

1Cooking Mamathe wiimote doesn't work, get over it

1Bust A Moveit's a flash game, aren't these supposed to be for free?

1Big Brain Academyi'm trying to find a game in there somewhere, but it really isn't there