All scores are out of 5

Typically, 3=good/worth watching/play, 4=very good movie/game, 5=awesomecopterhelmet. 2=not worth watching/playing, 1=lolwut, not even so bad it's good, don't even try it!
Latest seen/played movies/games are put on top. Old additions inserted at the bottom.
2.5Doom Eternal 2020Some nice shooty moments, but plenty of platform jumping sections that are just terrible. Using a trainer for infinite double-jumps recommended, and playing on easiest.

3Star Wars: Fallen OrderSeems like an okay cutscene. Stutter from UE4-loading at almost every scene switch.

2.5The Outer Worlds2h. Casual version of Fallout 3. Bored.

1-Nitro games-

1SunderedBroken gamepad setup

2Tormentor X PunisherPixelated top-down wasd+mouse shooter

3HobPretty puzzles, will get back to

2de Blob 2low budget kiddie 3d almost-platformer

2DandaraOdd movement-mechanics pixly platformer

1-Nitro games-

4The Forest (twitch lirik)Multi-player survival game with dungeons, puzzles and an endgame.

2.5Surviving MarsSim City on the moon.

2A way out2-player split-screen cutscenes and QTEs. similar to Uncharted.

2.5Wolfenstein 2Linear fps with lots of cutscenes.

2.5Cuphead (1h)Mediocre platformer and shmup.¨Nice cozy visuals and sound. The colorbleeding and old film effect is just distracting after 2 minutes. Color bleeding can be disabled, but not other grain and bad picture. Can't disable rumble either. Bad mechanics and controls. Enemies are often not in line to be hit by shots, but they can hit me in the same line.

2Song of the deepSluggish submarine metroidvania?

2Day of the tentacle (remaster 201x)bored the first 40min

2.9Doom (2016)45min campaign during free steam weekend. Graphical upgrade of the original doom. Probably other things improved too.

2No Man's Sky (10h twitch)Some mediocre procedurally generated terrain and animals. Add progressbars for grinding minerals, then sell them.

2.5Axiom Verge (100% video)NES Metroid wannabe. Intentionally bad graphics, for the worse. Unimaginative bosses and monsters. Makes dirty glitched cartridges into a game feature gun. Irritating sounds and flicker. 1:1 player/camera-movements, making it unpleasant to watch. Manual savepoints. Ugly character and weapon design. The game is not pleasing to look at, no eye-candy.

4Inside (video)It's Limbo 2. As with Limbo, no stupid GUI annoys you with 'Press X here to push' etc.

2Dead by DaylightLike a tiny slice of H1Z1/Arma3/Culling etc. Version 1.0.1, played 70mins with 1 crash during game invite, and a bug where when crawling i couldnt self heal and the killer couldnt hurt me.

4Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm (2nd campaign)Very similar to the first campaign, except you play as Zerg. Looks great in 4k 60hz, but sadly the mouse cursor is not scaled, so often you lose track of where the mouse is. Guides on the net suggest turning off acceleration etc.

1Dear EstherIt's not a game. You just walk forward slowly for 15mins and fall asleep to some voice, then have to return back the same way.

3Broken Age3 = worth playing for me, so I can discuss it with others. Not much of a game, no choices, basically no puzzles, just try random with random and watch more cut-scenes with voice acting. The whole "game" would work almost as well as a 20min cartoon, but instead it is very low pace and makes you click "next"/"next choice in conversation list" to make sure you don't fall asleep. Some minor fun/cute things and voice acting that brings the score up, and some quirky fantasy ideas, but overall too little for the time invested. I would recommend this to 12yo kids or your mum. For me personally, it was just a way to pass time when I were too tired to do better things.

2Retro City RampageRandom mess, not sure what people found here. (short play)

1Hotline MiamiHorrible controls and graphics, but nice music. (short play)

2.5FezMediocre puzzle with bad graphics and controls, music is ok.

2GuacameleeSupposed to be a metroidvania, but levels are mostly empty (player too big on screen?), controls are too basic and clunky, graphics is too stylistic to be anything but beta quality. Music theme is fun.

1The Showdown EffectMultiplayer-only clone of 1000 other games.

1The Binding of IsaacNo gamepad support

4Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty (1st campaign)Pretty much the same thing as the first one, but with added upgrades between missions and more advanced scripting. Runs okay with settings set to minimum on my macbook 2.0ghz, nvidia 9400m, 4gb ram, in 1280x800, but cut-scenes look crap. Any xbox360 game is way better in graphic quality. The game lacks a standard pause button, hitting Fn + F10 is bad, I'd like to scroll over the map while paused. Who thought of using the arrow keys instead of say WASD for panning, the arrow keys aren't in the right position for your hands. The armory upgrades mention things like "adds 10 to your unit's health" but not what the unit's current health is, so it's useless.