All scores are out of 5

Typically, 3=good/worth watching/play, 4=very good movie/game, 5=awesomecopterhelmet. 2=not worth watching/playing, 1=lolwut, not even so bad it's good, don't even try it!
Latest seen/played movies/games are put on top. Old additions inserted at the bottom.

3Titanfall 2 (1h)

2Onechanbara: ChaosTits fighting, bad control.

2TearawayKiddie story movie

2.5UnravelMediocre slow 2d-platformer for pacifists. Cute and nice graphics.

2.5Rogue StormersButtom mapping all over the place and too much randomness in pickups and enemies.

2ResogunSHMUP on a cylinder.

2Super_Stardust_Ultra_VRSHMUP on a sphere.

2Little Nightmares (30min)Limbo/Inside with less

3Far Cry 5 (1h)

2Shovel Knight (30min)Metroidvania with bad controls, graphics, sound.

3Sine Mora EXA little different and nice looking SHMUP.

2Raiden VVertical arcade SHMUP, too zoomed in.

2.8Fallout 4 (1h)Fallout 3 again. Buggy, stuttering.

4Resident Evil 7 (1h)Looks great.

2.5Horizon Zero Dawn (2h)Stupid and boring story. Seems to be a worse kind of Zelda BOTW, with better graphics for the landscape, but badly used for characters, just leaving them look like glossy dolls and more uncanny valley. A million stats on screen, flooded menus and options, map is an ant-farm. When you get to control the character, it's mostly picking up rocks and plants, and sneaking in battles.

3Grand Theft Auto 5 (1h)Like previous ones but with more story.

2Wonderboy (30min)Retro style 2d platformer

2Korimai (30min)low-budget 3d spaceship shooter

3.5Detroit: Become Human (video by Lirik)Amazing graphics and sound, mostly. This is just like an old Point and Click adventure game. no gameplay, just a,b,c-choices and a few QTEs. Flat story with nothing new. Doesn't tackle anything new that tv/movies haven't already for a decade. Major logical plot-holes all over the story, basically skipping what could've been the interesting new takes on AI/AL. Usually I would say the game could as well have been a movie, but in some choices of dialogue or action, there's value in a pause here and discussing what the ramifications of the choices would mean. Sadly lots of the choices are time-limited, whereas others aren't. And some have a non-visible timer, screwing the player over majorly. Discussion: the player is supposed to be fooled into thinking the bots are alive, only because they emulate it. The androids don't complain about bad treatment until freed, so wouldn't it be better to not free them, or wipe their memory before freeing them? or are they actually aware before freed, but trapped behind some rules in programming? Why is the player controlling androids, picking choices, and at the same time told it's an android without free will, like in Connors case. I'm guessing the game's main idea, or at least the only interesting angle I found with it, is how humans are defined by how they treat others, no matter if it's a robot or living creature. The developers and I bet some narrow-minded reviewers probably think of the story as some kind of modernisation of a black slavery story or similar.

3God of War 4 (video by Lirik)Nice graphics, low framerate, annoying sidekicks, annoyingly shaking camera, repetitive combat mixed QTEs and b-movie cutscenes. Colorful, but too much so in battles.

2A way out (video)Split-screen Uncharted, i.e. cutscenes stitched together with QTE

2Rime (3h youtube)Very nice graphics and audio, good animations too. Gameplay is just walking and moving blocks in simple puzzles to progress the mystery story, which is just constructed to be mysteric for the sake of it. Ends depressingly. Why would anyone want to play a game that ends with depression?

2No Man's Sky (10h twitch)

2.5Uncharted 4 (video by Lirik)Good graphics/animation/face-cap/hair and ok story, but no gameplay worth doing. Probably looks even better on a real console, despite the 30fps. Seriously silly with the sony product ads for their phone, the playstation1 and the shitty crash bandicoot game they've stuck in there assuming everyone loves it, when it fact it was horrible crap. No nostalgia in that. For a game where all hangs on good graphics and intense scripted fights, turning the screen grayscale when you're low on health makes the game look worse when it's supposed to be the most exciting. Ends with a super slow long boring ending. All in all, this is a walking simulator.