All scores are out of 5

Typically, 3=good/worth watching/play, 4=very good movie/game, 5=awesomecopterhelmet. 2=not worth watching/playing, 1=lolwut, not even so bad it's good, don't even try it!
Latest seen/played movies/games are put on top. Old additions inserted at the bottom.
2Pokemon GoProgressbars. Fun idea to use the map, just like in Ingress, but horrible gameplay and technical quality.

1IngressGoogle maps with dice.

2Does not Commute

2Smash Hit

1Some 30+ games tested during the last 3 yearsAll shit or impossible to play without a gamepad.

4Lux DlxIt's Risk the boardgame. A bit too tiny sometimes to hit what you want to with your fat fingers which leads to some devastating mistakes. New maps downloadable from within the game. Very addictive. Games last for almost an hour but it feels much shorter.