All scores are out of 5

Typically, 3=good/worth watching/play, 4=very good movie/game, 5=awesomecopterhelmet. 2=not worth watching/playing, 1=lolwut, not even so bad it's good, don't even try it!
Latest seen/played movies/games are put on top. Old additions inserted at the bottom.
4Metroid DreadCompleted 100% of the map except the final boss in 2 weeks. Still not come back to finish it another 2 weeks later. Feels pretty laggy with wireless gamepad and OLED tv. The game is more like a boss-rush than exploration. Every 3rd room is either a miniboss or full boss. Unpredictable if you will get an unrelated upgrade from a boss or not.

3Luigi's Mansion 3Cute, a bit fun, repetetive, with very bad controls. Hard to aim, hard to use the weapons.

3Yoshi's Crafted WorldEasy game for kids/gf to coop.

2Cadence of HyrulePlayed without the stressful beat. Good music. Why pixelated? Stupid grid based movement that is part of the gimmicky gameplay. The randomly generated world and levels gives it no personality. shitty blocks placed in weird places for no reason. Some of your stuff are lost when dying, about half of the things you can collect, no big deal.

2R-TypeWrong century

2Untitled Goose GameFun for 5 minutes in this flash game

3Zelda: Link's awakening remake of gameboy gameLoading severely kills framerate. Often bad framerate in the game. Flickering full-screen effect of lens-shift and shadows. Choppy movement of character. You can feel the lack of Nintendo polish. Tiny turns pan the screen, no area of movement without panning. 'to and fro' misspell? Feels outsourced or fan-made. 2 terrible "puzzles" in dungeon 2, 2nd room door, and monster killing order with zero hints. chests and other things pop in at edges of screen. texture LOD seem to pop during load too? No remapping of sword button. A problem with this old-style puzzle solving, is that the puzzles are presented as if you should explore and try different things, except you have limited supply/time to do that, and it's just a 0.1% of the game that actually reacts at all to your exploration; far from BOTW which has some kind of reaction to things you try in 90% of the cases. Lazy lens-shift/DOF effect, just blur on top and bottom.

2Axiom VergePixely metroid clone, why?

3Mario Kart 8 Deluxe1h. it's mario kart

2Hollow Knight30min. Low quality metroid clone with bad jump physics, random invisible traps from above, progress wiped if dying, annoying sound-mix of NPCs, no hysteresis for the camera.

3Thimbleweed Park20min. It's like monkey island. Why so pixly?

5Mario Odyssey20h+. Mostly open-world. Similar to Mario64