All scores are out of 5

Typically, 3=good/worth watching/play, 4=very good movie/game, 5=awesomecopterhelmet. 2=not worth watching/playing, 1=lolwut, not even so bad it's good, don't even try it!
Latest seen/played movies/games are put on top. Old additions inserted at the bottom.
3David Batra: Elefanten i rummet.

3Dave Chappelle: What's in a name.

3Free GuyRyan Reynolds living in a computer game as an NPC.

3Don't look upAn asteroid is about to hit earth, and nobody cares. A comedy play on climate change.

2BrightWill Smith is a cop with an Orc coworker. There's elves too.

2Army of the Dead 2021Social intelligent zombies, basically monster-humans.

2Red NoticeRyan Reynolds and The Rock do Indiana Jones stuff.

3.3DownsizingA bit of comedy, but bigger than that.

2.5Black WidowMarvel Explosions and fights you've seen before.

3Dave Chappelle - The Closer 2021N-etflix

2Blood Red Sky

2Mercury Rising (1998)

2Resort to Love

2Death Wish (2018)

2Army of the Dead (2021)

2Fast and Furious Kalvin and Hobbs

2Chernobyl 1986 (russian with eng dub)

2Lyrro (2018)

2Borat 2anti-trump

3Paulok comedy

2Hoaxeddon't remember

3SerpicoJust as expected, no surprises.

2.5Star Wars 9 - The Rise of Skywalker (2019)Yet another crap nostalgia-teasing random pile of scenes. Forced scenes. What's the hobbit doing there? couldn't find any other actor?

2.0The Cloverfield ParadoxSilly horror in space.

3.5Joe Rogan: Triggered ()Fun stand-up.


3Ferris Bueller's day offThe lack of reflection on rich kids is crazy.

3.5Terminator: Dark FateThe predictable comebacks of arnold and sarah connor takes away rather than adding to the movie.

2Reformisten - den kvinnliga imamen

3.5Joe Rogan: Strange Times (2018)Fun stand-up.

3Spider-Man 2: Far from HomeChildish action-movie.

3.512 Angry MenA jury tries to decide if a boy is guilty of murder.

3Avengers 4: EndgameLike a clipshow with try-hard tear producers.

3.3Alita: Battle AngelApparently an Anime-movie. Action, sci-fi, 99% computer-graphics. Some feels, and some gigantic simplified weird plot choices, as if chosen to make the movie shorter.

3.2Captain MarvelPretty ok action with some jokes. Not too girlpowerish. The Terminator 2 "homage" wasn't cool, shown mostly in the deleted scenes.

2.5Isn't it romanticrom-com with predictable jokes and story.

2Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseLow FPS cartoon with unexciting action.

2This Is Spinal TapFake rockband docu, but could've been real with some added jokes.

3.2The Predator (2018)More action and comedy.

3TranscendenceLess weak if you've heard discussions about AI by e.g. Sam Harris.

3.5PassengersSimilar to the Las man on Earth tv-series, but in space. First half is good, 2nd half becomes traditional Hollywood.

3Islam and the Future of ToleranceMostly a recap if you have listened to all of Sam's podcast episodes.

2.5ReligulousRightful mocking of religions

2.5The Handmaid's Tale (1990)109min movie to tell a 20min story

3Ant-man 2

3.1Deadpool 2Comedy and violence.

3Han Solo - Star Wars (10)Not completely worthless.

2.5Avengers 3: Infinity War+0.1 for comedy and vfx, -0.5 for stupid Wakanda crap. bad story.

2Ready Player OneA steaming pile of massively produced dog shit from Hollywood. Use of old songs to make you nostalgic, references to games and movies to make you feel familiar. As expected, the story and rules of the game are pure random, and merely excuses for action scenes. Every part of the collection of scenes that is trying to mimic a movie, are laughably predictable.

2Black Panther 2018 (marvel)Worst marvel movie so far. bad actors, annoying accent, predictable story, logic makes no sense. stupid religion and grinding wheat manually in the super high tech kingdom where everyone fight with swords. fucking lip-disks? no good jokes. bad and silly music, annoying dancing. super shallow characters. as usual 2 extra end-clips with more crap.

2.5Star Wars 8(9): The Last Jedi (+deleted scenes)Congratulations on a movie without a death star.

4Thor 3: Ragnarok2 extra end-clips.

4Blade Runner 2More blader, even runnier. The 3 short inbetweenquels start with 45 second spoilers for the movie, good job!

2.8Death Note USA (2017)Curious to see because of previous movies, but got nothing new. Maybe more fun if this is your first death note movie.

2.5Despicable Me 3Same but weaker.

2.5X-Men 10: Logan (Wolverine 2017)It's the year 2029 and the only technological improvement is self-driving trucks on the highway. Wolverine kills people for 2 hours.

3.5Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)Pretty good for such a silly character.

3.5Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Pretty fun comedy in fantasy-space. has like 5 extra clips during credits.

3.2Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)Romantic comedy, but mostly just comedy.

2.8Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter (2016)A few jump-scares. Less visually nice than the previous.

3.8Alien: Covenant (2017. Alien 5 / Prometheus 2)-0.1 for too obvious plot twist, -0.1 for stupid people.

3.5Life (2017)Standard horror on a space station around earth

4Ghost in the shellA more coherent live action version of the old anime.

2Annabelletypical haunted doll, ghosts, devil, satan, priest, jump scare

3.2Star Wars 8 (? )Rogue One 2016swep4 prequel. annoying fanservice, but ignoring that, it had a pretty good comic relief character for the first time, and no stupid force all the time.

2.5ArrivalPretentious old idea drawn out from 20min to 2h.

3Doctor StrangeMindless fantasy action with some jokes.

2.9Hunger Games 4 mockingjay part2At least there's some fast paced zombies and resident evil traps in the 2nd half. Last 30mins is just dragged out nothingness and could be skipped.

2.5Hunger Games 3 mockingjay part1The story continues. Child-mind compatible plot.

2.5Hunger Games 2 catching fireMore of the same, but less.

4Star Trek 13: BeyondAction movie set in the Star Trek universe.

3.210 Cloverfield LaneClaustrophobic horror. Only slightly related to the other movie.

2Battle Royale 2Incoherent mess.

3Vice (2015, Westworld 3)A modernized Westworld, not set in western and not much inside vice.

2.5Futureworld (1976, Westworld 2)Similar to the first one, in space settting, but more behind the scenes.

2.5Westworld (1973)Slow goofy light scifi with western theme. Luckily just 1h24m long.

3.3Captain America 3action

3The Hunger Games 1(from year 2012) Americanized copy of Battle Royale. Higher production values, more expensive cameras, silly CGI, 5th-element style makeup, cheesy music. Lacks the self-awareness of BR and doesn't have a single joke or comic relief moment. Takes itself way too seriously, yet throws in some kind of materialized hologram monsters destroying the little illusion of a real world there was. Throwing in expensive famous actors as usual only ruins the immersion even more, as they're so damn typecast by now.

4Battle Royale(from year 2000) Japanese survival horror/splatter/comedy/action.

3.9DeadpoolComedy superhero with unnecessarily graphic violence and silly cgi guy. The meta / 4th-wall jokes are fun in a one-liner kind of way, but DC will never get a Marvelesque universe from this.

3.1World War ZStarts out ok. Fun fluid dynamics for the hordes.

3.5Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)Starts off with a promising semi-new story, but quickly turns into a nostalgia-fest, where every scene is about recognizing things from previous movies. A bunch of scenes just plain copied, like the bar, the I'm-your-father, and worst of all, a 3rd(!) death star. Exactly the things I feared would be in the movie. Question: why are there creatures the main characters can talk to but we don't get subtitles for?

3.3Ant-ManHoney, I Shrunk the Kids, but with more action and a few jokes.

3The Avengers 2: Age of UltronOnly worth seeing cause it randomly ties into the Agents of Shield series.

3LimitlessA drug makes a man smarter. He uses it to make money on the stock market.

3Silent Hill 2: RevelationCool visuals. Straight forward story.

3.2Captain America 2a little better action movie with more story related to the SHIELD arc. funny how Captain America is against real-world America.

3.1Thor 2: The Dark World.1 extra for swedish humour.

3Iron Man 3More action and comedy. (every marvel movie has post-credits footage)

3.3The Avengers 1Ridiculous fighting, some fun lines, and a bunch of weird illogical decisions.

2.5Captain America 1Typical uninspiring story with lame superhero.

3Thor 1Plus for charm, minus for silly flash gordon style gods.

3.5Iron Man 2Action and comedy. (has post-credits story)

4The MartianRealistic-trying sci-fi about surviving on Mars.

2MaggieLike a mediocre Walking Dead episode drawn-out to 90mins.

2The Mummy 2: Returnsaction

2Night at the Museum 2: Secret of the Tombas expected

5Terminator 5: GenisysIf you aren't bothered with time-travelling paradoxes, there is much fun action in this one. It made me smile.

2.5Big Hero 6Forgettable disney cartoon. Amusing for the moment.

4The Thirteenth FloorGoofy scifi-detective-1930's. As usual you have to ignore the computer technobabble to enjoy.

4ChappieAI gets raised by crazy parents.

3.9Ex MachinaAI testing cut a little short.

2.5Monsters Inc. 2: Monsters UniversityForced prequel

2.5The RaidJudge Dredd in Indonesia

3.5Mad Max 4: Fury RoadThe fast and the furious in the desert. Short on story. Continuous action.


2.9The LEGO Movie

3.5MaleficentWell made children's fairy tale with predictable cliché talk. Yet, entertaining and pretty fun.

2My Neighbor TotoroSlightly depressing children's cartoon. Painted in old-style low-fps. Screaming voice actors. tldw: children use fantasy to not think about depressing reality.

3.5Edge of TomorrowGroundhog day meets Starship Troopers.

2.5Godzilla (2014)Brings nothing new. Standard "hero" plot with american family split up, crazy old man who is correct, and american army advertisement.

2.5Guardians of the Galaxy2 minutes of sentimental story followed by 2 hours of random cgi action with unpredictable superheroes/villans x-men-style wrapped up in typical disney nonsense generic package. I was looking for a reality diversion, but this just left me bored.

3.5HerSciFi about AI(?) love.

2Fast and Furious 1Bad writing of both story and dialogue. The movie is made for watching fast cars driving mostly straight forward, looking at cool guys and halfdressed women, and listening to loud music and engines.

3.5Despicable Me 2Rewatched and re-evaluated the first one too to 3.5.

3Robocop 2013A bit better than the original, but not much added to it.

2.5GravityA 10 minute scene from another movie you've already seen is extended into 85 minutes. Really bad sound mix with the excuse that there's no sound in space. Mainstream people wouldn't have bothered with the movie if it hadn't been for the 2 star actors. I guess you could show it to your small kids as their first space-movie experience.

3.8Riddick 3 (2013)A mix of Aliens and Friday the 13th. Would've been a solid 4 score if it hadn't been for the barely handled shell story, pre/post main-movie.

2.9Indie game the movieNot sure who's more pretentious, the filmers or the filmed. Some fun parts looking into the crazy people making these games, and some non-exciting parts made to look exciting by the film makers.

2.5Minecraft: The Story of MojangNothing new. They don't even mention external tools like MCEdit for making worlds and converting from other modelling software.

4.5The Adventures of TintinSolid animated comedy adventure.

3.5The World's EndShaun of the dead / Hot Fuzz - remixed, light.

3.2ElysiumContains some sci-fi tech.

4SurrogatesPretty simple sci-fi.

5Star Trek 12: Into DarknessAlmost as good as Star Trek movies can get. No need for the nods to the original movies though.

3Wreck-It RalphA good cartoon for kids.

5Seeking a Friend for the End of the WorldPerfect. Steve Carell is also the perfect actor for this role.

2.5Moonrise KingdomAn exercise in pointlessness. Typical hyped Wes Andersson. Could possibly be filed under "feel-good movies".

4.5Total Recall (2012 remake)More of a homage to the original. Expecting almost a side by side remake, everything different is refreshing and welcome. In many ways a much better story than the original, with most goofyness removed.

4Safety Not GuaranteedA bit like K-Pax, but more about relations.

3.7LooperA mix of old movies and tv-series put together in an okay fashion.

2Iron SkySaying the words "Nazis on the moon" out loud is more fun than watching this movie. Seen the trailer and liked it? Good, that's enough, now watch some other movie and pretend you've seen this one already.

3.9The Cabin in the WoodsJoss Whedon goes Saw/Cube.

3Resident Evil 5: RetributionSpecial effects ballet.

4.1PrometheusAlien-like Alien-prequel, but not as good.

4Dark ShadowsTim Burton / Johnny Depp -style. Vampire with 70's style people.

2.9The ShadowSome mix of superhero movie and film noir from 1994. Starts out so goofy I thought it was a mid-80's action movie like 'Big Trouble in Little China', but double checking the year of making made me rethink what was happening. The movie gets better after a while, especially if you assume the actors and writers are exaggerating on purpose and doing it with humour. Had it been more serious 80's goofiness, it would have been much worse.

2Without a paddleAmerican comedy, predictable as such. Feels like I've seen it before, but impossible to tell if I have or if it was another movie.

4Black Dynamite70's blacksploitation action comedy from 2009

3.0ZoolanderSource of memes

3.7Source CodeGroundhog Day minus the comedy but with added scifi-mystery. Sane length (90mins). Not much to complain about!

3.1SuperComedy/gore with good actors, however the gore/violence isn't fun, just disturbing. Also contains a scene probably nobody reacted to: (SPOILER)

3.5Tucker & Dale vs EvilSock and Alpha take part in a Final Destination style forest cabin college kid movie.

3.1Despicable MeTypical Pixar/Disney cartoon, although it's not made by them, so "congrats" I guess.

3.5MacheteTypical Rodriguez fake-70's cliché splatter action.

4.5Resident Evil 4: AfterlifeAmazing visuals, action and suspense. Everything you could wish for in an over-the-top monster action movie.

3.5InceptionDream inside a dream plot twists. The movie is too long, doesn't explore the whole idea much, and adds very little to what you can imagine from my first sentence.

4PredatorsA slight reboot of the series. More goodies for fans of the Predator universe. Works for nono-fans too!

3The ExpendablesI expected stupid generic action and got just that. Felt nothing for the people in the movie nor the plot. Some amusing one-liner here and there that made the movie not drop below a 3.

over 9000Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldHigh-action comedy/love stuff. Good movies like this don't make your mind wander elsewhere. Perfect for gamers like me. Tech joke alert: I could see the pixels even though it was a blurry.

3.1Date NightStarts of fine in Carell drama style, but then devolves into a standard comedy-action movie.

2.9Død SnøStandard zombie story, a few new splatter tricks but no laughs. Beautiful norweigan landscape though.


3AvatarTypical disney cartoon with predictable story. Adding a few new geektoys doesn't make a new story. Because of all the hype I expected amazing CGI, but it was all average and always obviuos. The story would've fit in a movie half the length. Watch it to pass the time, slowly. As always, these movies have stupidly boring Enya-like generic whining music. Moral: you never go full avatard!

3Sherlock HolmesBraindead action movie with karate Holmes. Cheap CGI.

2.52012Boring predictable CGI-fest.

4Capitalism: A Love StoryTypical Michael Moore movie. Good content and intentions, but hard to know how exact the facts are.

3.5The InternationalEnjoyable Clive Owen action and story, except the non-hollywood ending.

3.2ZombielandYawntastic Hollywood kisses its own butt. Thankfully it is short. .1 for zombies and another .1 for some joke i can't remember.

3.5Tomb Raider 1 & 2Mindless action filled with crap clichés and unnecessary choices just to give us cool visuals. Also: smashing bugger.

4The Boondock SaintsFun mafia/crime/action/comedy.

3CoralineObvious moral but otherwise cute drugged experience.

4MoonGood but depressing sci-fi.

4.2Terminator 4: SalvationLovely return of the terminators. They did this well without Arnold, almost :/

4District 9Sci-fi not taking place in USA, and it's not just braindead action.

3UpPretty fun Disney cartoon.

3.3Transformers 1+2Mindless action movie for kids.

3.5IdiocracyA glimpse of USA a couple of years from now, or are they already there? A couple of good laughs and a nice apocalyptically painted future.

5Star Trek 11 (2009)Brilliant action from start to end. Not very trekish, but still plays in that universe. Hopefully this will appeal to a wider audience and we can get more and deeper movies after this one, a new series would be nice too.

3.5X-Men Origins: WolverineFun fantasy action, but like with the other x-men movies, they throw in a bunch of mutants with random powers which just makes it confusing. When anyone suddenly can do anything, there's not much cleverness needed by the writers. "oh they need to get through a wall, throw in a guy with super laser beams from his eyes"

2.5BoltPredictable Disney cartoon.

3My name is BruceBruce Campbell in Evil Dead-ish like acting, but blander.

2You're Welcome, America - A Final Night With George W BushWill Ferrell stand-up comedy. Some fun, but not enough.

3Race to witch mountainCar chase with The Rock. Disney-style kids.

3Bedtime StoriesAdam Sandler style Disney-restricted comedy.

3Ghost TownRicky Gervais in a pretty dark comedy.

4The 90's, Ett Försvarstal1h45m känns som 30min när Schyffert håller en monolog på scen. Lysande framförande och jag känner igen allt han pratar om, jag antar att det är pga min ålder.

3.5Yes ManA mix of Liar Liar and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

3.5How to Lose Friends and Alienate PeoplePart fun, part cringy. Displaying what probably is true in the high-class New York. The movie needn't be very ironic or go over the edge, cause reality there is already that horrible.

3007 Quantum of SolaceWorst Bond film ever. Complete lack of smart story and cool gadgets (ms surface?). Big explosions just cause we need to have some? No brilliant evil plot. The ending was an anti-climax, I honestly thought the movie still had an hour or so to go, and suddenly the whole thing

3.5Napoleon DynamiteRednecks stuck in the 80's doing things that will make you cringe.

3.5JCVDIt's not hollywoodish

3.1MirrormaskFamily/Fantasy, although I don't think many kids would appreciate it. It's like some LSD trip resembling Labyrinth a bit, the spanish one, not Bowie. the .1 is for the good music.

2.5MadagascarI'm sure the kids love it.

3WantedSome sort of Matrix-like movie based on effects.

2Resident Evil: DegenerationCrap cartoon, barely any better CGI than the real-time generated cut-scenes in games. Unimaginative story with no moments of suspense. Also, Leon looked better in re4.

4.2Get SmartFun action/agent, better than expected!

3.5Tropic ThunderFun (b-?)comedy with 2 surprisingly good characters.

3Dance of the DeadPretty fun comedy/zombie mix. More on the comedy side than zombie, but the comedy wasn't that great.

3.3Dead Set "series"Pretty generic zombie movie with high production standards. Zombie growling noises were pretty bad. Also quite annoying and unnecessary big brother stuff thanks to the theme. I have a feeling a fanedit of this movie might be better.

2.5Star Wars: The Clone WarsAnimated cash cow. Not quite worth watching.

2The Polar ExpressMediocre xmas-story for the ages 1-7

3Wall-EA little slow but quite entertaining.

3.5Hellboy 2Pretty fun but too much of a kids movie. ('kids' means simplified plot etc). Better than the first Hellboy movie iirc.

4.5Batman: The Dark KnightThe same good stuff as in Batman Begins, but with better story (not so silly plot) and no stupid Liam Neeson.

3Narnia 2: Prince CaspianBook 2 filmatized. Weaker than the first movie. Two major copied events from LOTR, or was it the other way around? Can't name which without spoiling.

3Forgetting Sarah MarshallQuite fun and entertaining for the moment. But I bet most people watch it for Kristen Bell and Russel Brand, I know I did.

3.3Indiana Jones 4 - Kingdom of the Crystal SkullNot as bad as everyone else claims, but worse than the previous movies. Too much over-the-top things, crappy cgi and just unnecessary disney-like things.

3.1Horton Hears a Who!Jim Carrey and Steve Carrel make this movie worth seeing, but the rest of the movie and story is rather lame.

3Kung-fu PandaI expected more...

3.5Iron Man 1Fun super-hero movie. Half the goodness was thanks to Robert Downey Jr. (has post-credits story)

3.5The Incredible Hulk (2008)Fun super-hero movie.

3.5The Lost BoysFun 80's teenage horror.

3The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

2.9The FountainPasses the time, slowly, but didn't deliver much.

3.5National Treasure (1)

4Death Note: The Last Name (2)

3Death Note (1)

3BloodrayneSurprisingly good compared to the imdb score and Uwe Boll reputation. Crappy voice acting even from otherwise good actors.

4HitmanVery similar to the Bourne movies but with a clearer and better story. A bit crap voice-over sometimes.

3.3Starship Troopers 3: MarauderNot too far from the quality of ST1, otherwise very similar.

3HancockPretty entertaining, weak story, with the bad actor Will Smith.

2.5Mr. Magorium's Wonder EmporiumVery few good things in this movie over what you would expect from a generic kids' movies. Lacks depth even for it's target audience, 5 year olds.

3Sweeney ToddToo little story stretched out into a musical. At least it is Tim Burton-ish style.

3.5Doomsday80% Mad Max / 20% 28 Days Later. Too much mad max craziness for my taste.

3.3The Mutant ChroniclesLike a modern version of Dolph Lundgren in Dark Angel from the 80's. Is the movie stylish or actually a b-movie?

3.5Lady in the WaterDifferent kind of fantasy fairy tale.

3.5Semi-Pro"Everybody panic! Oh my God, there's a bear loose in the coliseum! There will be no refunds! Your refund will be escaping this deathtrap with your life! If you have a small child, use it as a shield! They love the tender meat! Cover your sodas! Dewie loves sugar!"

4Dan in Real LifeExcellently written story and superbly directed movie about love and the misery of not getting it.

4.2Indiana Jones 1: Raiders of the Lost ArkNice goofy action. Too repetetive soundtrack (lazy John Williams.

3.5I Now Pronounce You Chuck & LarryFun comedy with millions of gay jokes.

3The EyeMediocre horror which should have left out the jump-tactics tried from suddenly high sound effects, it's cheap.

3Shrek 3More of the same, or should I say - less.

3The Spiderwick ChroniclesMost similar other movie would be Bridge over Terabithia, same target audience age probably. Nice short 90min-movie. Strange things about it though: 1) Why not an extra actor for the boys? 2) This is apparently based on 5 books. It seemed to have the story from one.

3.1Anchorman: The Legend of Ron BurgundyTime-passing comedy with lack of big laughs. Nice set of actors but lacking script.

4JunoReal life-like with great writing. Although not a complex story, it still keeps you there.

3.5The Machine GirlCliché jap splatter/action/school girl.

4Shoot Em UpThe perfect 4.0 action movie with Clive Owen. It's so over-clichéed you'll like it.

3.8Diary of the DeadEntertaining with nice gore but not much scare. Too many flashbacks. The cam/docu-style shooting doesn't add much to the movie, at least it isn't as shaky as in Cloverfield or [rec].

2.5Before the Devil knows you're deadWay too long and the same scenes over and over from different persons' views doesn't add anything.

3.3We Own The NightAverage cop/gangster movie.

3.5BotchedNot your average predictable Comedy | Crime | Horror | Thriller.

4[rec]Faked handy-cam handled better than in Cloverfield. Much more realistic acting than any other documentary-style movie. A refreshing 25hz instead of the standard 24hz.

3Day of the Dead 2008Passable as average zombie flick, however the zombies have some strange new abilities and it is far from the original story.

2.5Deliverence10mins of story.

4.2Blades of GloryGreat comedy with Will Ferell and Jenna Fischer.

3.8Chasing AmyWell made movie about jealousy. Quite disturbing. Nowhere near the comedy level of other Kevin Smith movies.

4Jay and Silent Bob strikes back.Good. Suffers a bit from long-movie-syndrome. Comedy != 2h.

4DogmaReligion is fun.

4.9Clerks 2Very similar to the first one but better. Could've done without a specific scene though.

3CloverfieldShaky cam gets old after about 2 minutes. Lacks story. At least it has monsters.

4ClerksIt's black and white, got great dialogue and doesn't afraid of anything.

4Little Miss SunshineGreat movie, especially if you like the genre.

2Children shouldn't play with dead thingsA terrible movie, had a laugh or two (kinda), but just below worth watching.

2War of the worlds - Scientology EditionTom Cruise is actually pretty okay in this one. Some great effects and terror atmosphere. The story is just shit though and Spielberg ruins it even more. Man what a stupid ending! Watch it for some cool CGI, no other reason

5Total recallOne of my all time favorite movies. This is what Arnold should do, kick some alien arse, not govern a mad state.

4,5,3Terminator 1, 2, 3So I think I watched T2 first which then set the standard. It rocks in most ways. Seeing part 1 after that, which is basically the same movie but crappier kindof ruins the pleasure, worth watching anyways. Part 3 was just moneywhoring by our governator, but must be seen since its an Arnold/Terminator movie.

3,1,-Matrix 1, 2, 3First part had some then-cool effects and hints of a good story to unwrap. The movie just gayed out in the end and had ubercrap one-liners. Please Keanu, make another Bill and Ted movie instead!
Part 2 of this franchise whoring was just slow-motion fighting scenes that could make any fanboy fall asleep. I cant remember shit from seeing it.
Part 3, are you still reading? I didn't even bother watching this part.

3Lord of the rings 1, 2, 3Uninvolving story, mediocre visuals, far too long. The ticket/dvd buyers/fans get raped by the second edition releases of even longer cuts.

4Lemony snicketJim Carrey rocks! The movie is beautifully made. Easy kiddie story. A few fun things and all. I enjoyed it even though I hadn't read the books or barely heard of them. Watch it with your kids!

3Star Trek 7 - GenerationsAn average trek movie, some silly parts, some good parts. The first movie with the TNG crew.

4Star Trek 8 - First ContactThe best trek movie so far, at least if you're into the Borg.

5Torsk på tallinAccurate, perfectionist, right on master piece.

3Star Trek 9 - InsurrectionIt's like an average tv ep...

4Artificial IntelligenceGreat movie in many ways, but some silly parts and a flipped out ending I can't decide upon if it's unnecessary or just plain stupid by Spielberg.

3Friday the 13th 1-9All pretty much the same. Classical virgin-who-aint-showing-boobs-will-survive genre. Still a classic.

3Nightmare on Elm StreetEffective if you easily get nightmares.

4Austin Powers 1-3All the same but still great fun.

1Star Wars 1-3All extremely crap. 1: CGI, Jar-Jar. 2: More CGI, no acting. Pure uninspiring action. 3: Worst acting ever. Zero-surprise story if you have seen ep4, and if you haven't, don't bother at all. 1/5 on all.

4Star Wars 4-6Cheesy epic fantasy, not to be confused with sci-fi just cause it's in space. Must-see since you'll seem silly if you havent.

5Alien 1-4My all time favorite movies. Superb atmosphere, creativity, action, fantasy and design. Part 1 is the slow creepy horror kind, 2 is full-on action, 3 is darker and a little creepy, 4 is futuristic and a little stupid flipped out. They're all must-sees.

5,4Airplane 1,2Superb classic comedy with heroes before they sold their souls, such as Leslie Nielsen, O.J. Simpson and William Shatner.

5,3Predator 1,2What do you get when you combine Arnold at his best and cool Alien-like monsters? Yes! Too bad the followup isn't with Arnold too, but some other stupid guy.

4,2,2Jurassic Park 1-3Yeah well so this was pretty cool when it came since CGI was all new and that, I just missed the FPS counter in the corner. Of course, they had to sell their souls and make more parts to make more money. part 2 and 3 are just more of the same, and when it's not anything new, it's just stupid.

4,2,2Scream 1-3I was sceptic before watching this since I expected a crap ripoff of other movies, but it was pretty good and surprising. The other parts were just repeats though.

3,1,1Scary Movie 1-3Errr, iirc part 1 was a bit funny but the others just crap trying to use the same name...

3Monty Python - Search for the Holy GrailA classic you can't miss.

3Monty Python - Life of BrianCan't remember, but it was probably good.

4Monty Python - Meaning of LifeAnother classic.

2Monty Python - Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982Some reunion thing, a little new, a little old. Fun but barely worth the time.

4,2,2,3.5Die Hard 1,2,3,4In a time when Bruce Willis still was pretty new and simple action worked, this worked fine. Not sure why they made followups, but hey ho, cant remember them. 4, 2, 2 or something but then the fourth part came and worked in an 80's kind of way, fun cheesy action.

4.5,4,4Mission Impossible 1,2,3Well shot, well made action. I expected far less! part two got a little stupid with all those masks, but hey, still some fun action in there...

4,3,2,2,4Planet of the Apes 1-4 + 2000Classics and silly followups. The remake with Mark Wahlberg was quite different and still good.

3Grinch, TheCarrey is pretty good. Silly story, some laugh, mostly kiddie.

3PiFucked up story. If you're in mood for it, then it's quite okay.

4Being John MalkovichDifferent, fantasy.

2StigmataSomething about jesus crap and wannabe-horror.

4Galaxy QuestComedy playing with star trek and star wars, pretty fun.

4Usual Suspects, TheYou did't expect that now, did ya.

4Eddie Murphy - RawStand-up with Eddie. Very good, don't watch with gf!

3Cell, TheFlipped out story, bad acting, cool effects (at the time).

4,3Shrek 1,2Fun, entertaining. part 2 is just more of the same but years later.

4Truman Show, TheMasterpiece with Jim Carrey.

4SpaceballsClassic Mel Brooks.

1EvolutionHaha, David Duchovny tries the movie industry after doing X-Files, yeah right. Worst "Sci-Fi"-comedy ever.

4Me, Myself and IreneFun with Carrey again.

2Lord of the Rings - AnimationEhm, okay, so it started out pretty engaging but totally lost it down the drain.

4Night of the Living dead 1968, 30th anniversary editionSuper classic, must-see. The 30th anniversary ed. throws in some new footage which doesn't really fit in there but it doesn't really ruin it either.

3Road TripFun low budget, under the belt humor.

4,2Meet the Parents 1-2Hilarious comedy. Don't bother with part 2, it's just trying too much.

4Clockwork Orange, AA classic must-see. Violent and society-cricital.

3O Brother Where Art Thou?Pretty fun iirc, but cant remember it.

3Office SpaceSome hilarious and classic scenes.

4High FidelityGreat Cusack! Grown-up stuff.

4Dumb and DumberCarrey goes poop-humor.

4,3.5Ace Ventura 1: Pet Detective, 2: When Nature CallsThe first big Carrey movie. Follow-up wasnt really wanted but still fun.

4BraindeadSlasher gore genre which that silly Peter Jackson should have stuck to.

3Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrelserrr, drinking and drugs?

3,2Mummy, The, 1-2Wiee, epic CGI monsters.

4GoodfellasMafia with good acting.

5Sleepy HollowSuperb atmosphere, great acting. It's all superbly beautifully done, real Tim Burton style.

3Running Man, TheOld-school fun action with Arnold. Lot's of fun one-liners.

4Starship TroopersYes, I know what you think, but it IS satire.

1Ninja ScrollBadly drawn animated rape fest.

5Ghost in the ShellBest sci-fi anime I've seen. And I'm not an anime fanboy.

3Nightmare Before Christmas, AWell made, but musical.

4FlatlinersClassic? First encounter with Kevin Bacon.

2TrekkiesEhm, pathetic... why did I watch it? oh dear...

4Groundhog DayGreat classic with Bill Murray, I can watch it again and again (and again).

1Fantasia 1940They put lots of time into drawing all this, go disney.

4UHFClassic with Weird Al Yankovich. Notice Kramer from Seinfeld in it.

5MementoMovie of the year.

46th Day, TheFeels like it's low budget, but isn't of course. Scifi action with Arnold, oh yeah.

5Shawshank Redemption, TheMasterpiece for the emotional if youre in that mood.

4K-PaxOn the edge between good and over-done, still pretty nice.

4LeonAnother classic by Luc Besson.

3AbyssPretty good at that time

3Strange Daysiirc, it was good scifi.

4,3Hot Shots 1,2Lots of cheap fun.

4Monsters Inc.Fun, but theyve almost gone too far in trying.

2Crash (kronenberg)Fucked up.

3Requiem for a DreamFlipped out but watchable.

4Oceans 11Fun dialogue and entertaining story.

3Oceans 12A little fun, but has a big (bad) WTF-moment.

3Oceans 13Nothing new, but watchable

3Three AmigosClassic comedy.

4,2Bill and Teds 1: Excellent Adventure 2: Bogus JourneyThe one good performance by Keanu Reeves. Good low-budget humor, expect little, have lots of fun. Bring drinks. Dont bother with part 2.

5Kiss kiss bang bangComedy/Detective with excellent jokes, tension and feeling. I liked it bad-ly...

3Lost in translationAn okay laid back movie. Don't expect anything and it'll be okay.

3Broken flowersAn okay laid back movie. Don't expect anything and it'll be okay.

4Dead and breakfastPretty good slasher/comedy.

3Gore whoreMildly amusing, a movie you fall asleep to. Some unprovoced female nakedness.

5,5Night watch 1 & 2 (Day watch)Great russian vampire movies. Excellent effects, odd story, great characters.

3Wallander - MastermindStandard crime/suspense with swedish "quality".

3FlightplanIf you don't mind Jodie Foster, this is a pretty good psychic thriller. With some good ideas but turning into basic action, it can't go higher than 3

4The chronicles of NarniaA bunch of posh kids have a sunday afternoon adventure and then tea. In many ways a better movie than Lord of the rings if you can ignore the religious tones. A kiddie movie.

2CapoteCan you spell Oscar-whoring hour too long lullaby? As if that wasn't enough, I couldn't stand Capote's gay voice and superficial behaviour. I don't know if this movie would've been more interesting if you'd have more knowledge beforehand about Capote or interest in his prior works, but I highly doubt it. I might've given it a 3/5 if it'd been 80mins tops.

3Ghost in the shell 2Pretty good effects, fucked up story. Many eps in s1 are better storywise.

5The breakfast club80's drama at it's best! Want a young, touching (girlie?) movie?

21984Post-war fascist big-brother state. Too slow and too little. Maybe it had more to say when it first came in 1984, but now there really wasn't anything new to it.

4Fun with Dick and JaneNothing wow about it, but works well and is entertaining throughout the whole movie.

4Shadow: Dead riotFun zombie / women's prison movie with pretty bad acting.

4Evil aliensFun alien/zombie/splatter flick with crap actors.

3Loose Change 9/11Kindof like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. I think this is a homemade video, so given that and the contents, I'd say 3/5, perhaps more for the content itself...

5Shaolin soccerGreat comedy. Watch it with original chinese audio as the english dub seems crap.

4Zombie honeymoonGenre: Doomed love / drama. Nice reflection of life with a zombie boyfriend.

2Grindhouse, aka Planet Terror + Death ProofWe've seen it all before, nothing new and nothing spectacular. Tarantino just goes with the movie-cookbook recipes he has already used up.

5Shaun of the DeadThis is what movies should be, comedy + zombies.

3Harsh TimesDisturbing and uncomfortable to watch, probably means it's well made. Follows Christian Bale as psychotic ghetto small criminal.

4Batman BeginsMuch better than the old movies. Too bad Liam Neeson sucks and the big villain plot is silly.

3,3,3Final Destination 1,2,3The 3 movies are almost identical but enjoyable. Simple quite mindless fun horror.

4Bruce AlmightyJim Carrey.

2Evan Almighty ("Bruce Almighty 2")Terrible story with stupid cgi animals making silly things. Steve Carell did the best he could, but the rest of the movie is just crap.

3.5, 3.5, 3.5Cube 1,2,0Fun horror/sci-fi.

4SeveranceFun and witty horror in the woods.

4Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindJim Carrey can act serious.

5Dr Horrible's Sing-along BlogA true masterpiece musical.

3The Good ShepherdSlow

3The DescentScary but flips out half way thru.

4FidoZombie comedy.

3Bourne 1-3Action

3Minority Reporttom cruise sci-fi

2Team America: World Policeno fun jokes packaged badly

2.5The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissoufor high people

2House of 1000 Corpses (2003)Torture, killing, and other shocking effects.

4Talking Funny