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Typically, 3=good/worth watching/play, 4=very good movie/game, 5=awesomecopterhelmet. 2=not worth watching/playing, 1=lolwut, not even so bad it's good, don't even try it!
Latest seen/played movies/games are put on top. Old additions inserted at the bottom.
5Star Trek: Strange New Worlds s1It's something between TNG and TOS.

2Star Trek: Discovery s4Wokeness and lack of the Trek components. It's all about crying people in relationships.

4Dexter: New blood s1 (2022)Still good

4Dexter s1-8Good

3Squid GameKorean version of Battle Royale (hunger games).

2.5The Book of Boba FettIt's The Mandalorian s3 really.

4FoundationA bit different from other scifi, but still got the action focus on hero characters, and medieval religion and brute violence in the future. As usual modified for the woke people with gender swap and skincolor swap.

2Falcon and Winter Soldier s1Adds nothing new. Boring. Pointless.

3.5Loki s1As usual with Marvel series, it starts off mysterious, gets extended, then has a problem wrapping up, and enters a never-ending-story.

2.8Mythic Quest s1-2Some slightly fun parts, and many forgettable apple-family-friendly parts.

5It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia s1-6

3Wandavision s1

3Star Trek: Discovery s3First half is great, better than previous seasons combined, but then it turns silly and sjw.

2Epstein: Filthy Richdrags out too much.

3, 2.9American Gods s1+2Weird mysterious. Flips out a bit too much as usual.

3Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020)ok, very mediocre cgi

3Space Force s1ok comedy

3Devs s1Slow but ok.

3.2Tales from the Loop s1Like Black Mirror but slower, and with an arc story.

5Star Trek: Picard s1

3Avenue 5 s1Humour in space.

3Mr Robot s4more

3.2Solsidan s1-3 + filmCringe and reality.

3.8Lost in Space s2A bit better than s1. Less black/white characters.

3The Mandalorian s2More of the same but worse

3.5The Mandalorian s1Star Wars, entertaining goofy space fantasy.

3iZombie s4+5Still pretty fun, but the ending wasn't good.

2.5Good Omens s1Children's show about heaven and hell. It might have had some comedy or jokes, but I'm not sure I noticed them.

3.5Chernobyl (2019)Dramatized real-event-inspired.

2.8Black Mirror s51h eps that should have been 20mins. barely any scifi left. no new ideas.

2.5Star Trek: Discovery s1-2crap. not thought-thru at all.

3.5After Life s2+3more of the same

4After Life s1

336 dagar på gatanOm hemlösa i Stockholm

2Black Mirror xmas 2018it's just a combination of a choose-your-adventure book from the 80's and groundhog day. annoying.

3Happy s1

3Iron Fist s2

3Cloak and Dagger s1Shaky camera.

3.9Luke Cage s2

3Westworld s2Less of the same. Nothing engaging. Funny enough they stole/were inspired by the plot of Futureworld (Westworld 2). NOTE: More video after the end text, like some movies.

2.5Walking Dead s8they're out of ideas, and eps are watered out 3x. people are still behaving like idiots.

3.7Lost in Space s1Less silly than the original. Some weird plot-holes, odd physics, slap stick, kids tv logic.

3.5Silicon Valley s1-6Similar to The Office tv-series.

3.5The end of the fucking world.8*20min of psycho kids running from home.

2Marvel's RunawaysTeenage drama superheroes. Watched 5 of 10 eps.

3Grotesco s1+2Väldigt varierande kvalitet.

4.5Altered Carbon s1It's complicated. (sci-fi)

3Stan against evil s1+2A clone of Ash vs Evil, but pretty okay anyway.

4 3 2Electric Dreams (Philip K Dick's)A mix of Black Mirror and Twilight Zone

3Mr Robot s3nothing special

4Legion s1A mix of Dirk Gently and Marvel superheroes with a bit of David Lynch.

2.5Legion s2How a tv-series written by someone high on drugs would be..

4.5The Orville s1+2Like Star Trek TNG with added humour.

3Marvel's Punisher s1Violent, no super powers.

3Marvel's Inhumans s1Silly in a Superman(1978) kind of way, but also pretty fun.

3Stranger Things s2More of the same.

2.5House of Cards US s5Hard to top real-life Trump's America. Also low on ideas.

2.9Doctor Who (2005) s9-10more

3.1Game of Thrones s7Now this too is a zombie series, with some fantasy dragons.

3.4The Tick s2better than s1

3.1The Tick s1comedy superhero

2Rick and Morty s4They've lost it. Not a single smile from watching 4x1-4x5

3Rick and Morty s3It's okay, but they've lost the edge. Replacement of writers?

4Rick and Morty s1+2Annoying voice-acting, bad animation and draw style, but great stories.

3.3iZombie s32 extra fun episodes in this season.

3.5The DefendersIron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage take on old enemies.

4Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate EventsDark humour comedy children's(?) show.

4Ash vs Evil Dead s1+2good comedy slash horror

3.7 3.7 3.3Humans s1,2,3uk+us remake of swedish Äkta Människor, diverges a lot for s2

4Dick Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.Similar to Dr. Who but much better

3.5MarsSimilar to The Martian movie

4Westworld s1Similar to the movies.

3Luke Cage s1Similar to Jessica Jones, but black. Would've been better if not spoiled by idiots on twitter.

3.8, 3.0 2.5Childhood's EndSciFi. First ep is very good, 2nd ep derails completely as if the writers only imagination for the first ep. Ep 3 is a snoozer and just bullshit, at least it finally wraps it up.

3.3Stranger Things s1Short series being a mix of 80's kids movies like goonies, et, and horror. Well made, but nothing new.

2.5The Expanse s1SciFi that felt like little new. Almost had me interested at ep 4 or so at a shocking headshot, but then reverted back to hard to care about again. No likeable characters, not even remembering any of their names. Of course ends with something spaced out which probably means they can't make a season 2 that is of any interest. It's like some shows take 95% from another show, then try to fill in the 5% with something unique.

3Game of Thrones s4-6A visual experience. The story is just an excuse to show off yet more visuals, during fights or nakedness. It's better than football talk during lunch breaks.

3Game of Thrones s2-3Still got no idea what this series is about. Big castles, battles, blood, sex, random stupid people, some guy who keeps saying Hodor, I guess to create an internet meme? Probably the 9 parallel stories making it hard to follow or engage in anything, or to even care what happens to whom.

3.5Daredevil S2Similar to season 1.

3.5Agent Carter S021947 female american agent

3.2Agents of Shield S05E01-E10

3.5Agents of Shield S02E20-E22

3.5Agents of Shield S02E11-E19

3.3Agent Carter S011946 female american agent. iron man's dad makes slightly lower-tech stuff and there's some supernatural things happening.

3.8Agents of Shield S02E01-E10entertaining, almost only arc

3.7Agents of Shield S01E17-E22weird choice of turn of events

3.6Agents of Shield S01E08-E16more arc and story, less of the motw syndrome

3.3Agents of Shield S01E01-E07monster of the week with small connections to the marvel movies.

3.8 3.5 3.5Jessica Jones s1-3Alcoholic P.I. with super hero powers.

4Mr Robot s1+2(no robots) Mr Hacker's complex life.

2Fear The Walking Dead s1+2The Walking Dead with less dead and more family drama.

412 Monkeys s1+2Movie spinoff. Time paradoxes and enjoyable.

312 Monkeys s3More and more randomly weird.

3.3iZombie s1+2CSI: Millenium / vampire / zombie comedy/drama.

3.3Daredevil S1Overly graphic violence. Good characters and ok story.

4Black Mirror, S1+2+xmasWhat could happen in the future with tech if we're not careful.

3.1Doctor Who (2005) S1-8Children's show with fantasy world of the week. S1E1 is the worst in the series.

3.5House of Cards US S1-3Relaxing low-action political drama about gaining power.

3True Detective S3Slower.

3.5True Detective S1-2Slow but pretty good characters.

3The Strain (2014)80's style horror with nazi zombies vs. jews.

4.5Sherlock (2010)Good story, filming and acting.

3.5Almost Human (2013)Scifi cop series.

3.5The Walking DeadPromising pilot (copy of 24 Days Later) and then downhill from there.

2.9The Walking Dead s7Drawn out, gross explicit human gore. Were there even any zombies in this season?

4.9, 4.5Dollhouse s1,s2Season one is near perfect except for the double pilot episodes which confuses a bit, but you will want to see both anyways. Not one bad or slow episode. Great characters, writing and mind-awakening story. Season two is also superb, however a bit rushed with one plot twist too many. It could have played out longer.

3Game of Thrones s1Stereotype characters. Oldest story ever, people fight over power, who will marry who, why is life so unfair, like in any other soap opera series that's been, Dallas, Falcon Crest or Neighbours. The only guesswork given to the viewer is if the writers are ever going to surprise you, spoiler: no. What lifts the show is the beautiful filming of landscapes. Pointless boobs and blood are there only to keep viewers distracted from the lack of story. And why have parallel stories for 10 hours without ever letting the characters meet? It's just confusing. And don't tell me to read the book, I don't want more, I'd like the series to be half as long. It lacks content as it is.

4The Legend of NeilMore fun if you've played NES Zelda 1.

3.6Warehouse 13 s3-5Better character development.

2.9Warehouse 13 s1-2Somewhere between Eureka and X-Files.

3.2Eurekafamily goofy scifi in a town

3.5New AmsterdamNice slow single-season detective series.

4Caprica PilotPrequel to BSG. Starts out weird, but has interesting content and potential. Definitely a must-see if you liked BSG.

4ReaperExcellent Kevin Smith.

4.5Office USAs good as Office UK but of course not as original.

5Office UKJust plain amazing. You'll cringe. Remember to watch the xmas 'special' episode after season 1+2, it's the finale.

4Battlestar Galactica (2003)The mini-series and then season 1+2 are great. Season 3, the movie Razor and season 4 are definitely slower.

3Doctor Who (2005)Kids' show. Some cute and inspiring fantasy and the random fun one-liner, but way too much running and screaming throughout the episode and then just finishing it off with a sonic screwdriver that does everything. Too easy writing.

3.8Torchwood s1-3A bit similar to Doctor Who but with more story and less running. Still shite BBC CGI though.

4Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesA bit repetetive if you have watched the movies (duh). Otherwise surprisingly good.

4My Name is EarlSeason 1 and 2 are great, but 3 is getting a bit slower.

3JerichoWell made but very slow. Stupid americans.

4Heja BjörnFun, touching, great acting.

3X-filesFucked up no-story series with too many eps about supernatural things instead of plausible happenings and aliens. Although I never finished it, so I should try again ;-)

4,2VOne word: roflcopter. Marc Singer's tighter-than-paint jeans, the haircuts, arghhh, it's got 80's written all over it. Pretty good when it first came out, the so called mini-series and a few eps. Then they made a second season which was close to all-crap. If you want to bother with this series, just go with s1.

2.5V (2009 remake)

424You know what you get, every season. 80's-style action with invincible Jack Bauer.

5, 4.5HeroesSeason 1 kicks arse. Season 2 ended a bit abruptly and started out not so well planned, but still good.

4ExtrasKind of like The Office, but with superstars guest-starring.

4Kyle XYWell written sci-fi/teenage drama, but a bit too mushy.

44400Excellent sci-fi but a bit too low budget. Final season was quite weak.


3Life's Too ShortCringe humour like The Office

2.5Serial.Experiments.Lainweird jap suicide anime

3Death ValleySilly MTV zombie cop series

2.5Sons of Tusconsimilar to Reaper

3Little Britainbritish poop humour

3Little Britain USsame

3Come Fly with Mesame as Little Britain

2.9Paradoxok short scifi

2The Wire s1horribly slow

2.5Defying Gravitysilly bigbrother drama in space

3.5The Man in the High Castle s1alternate post-ww2