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3Uncharted 2Finish time: 10h38m. Great graphics, really, would've been even better if they had anti-aliasing and could get rid of the white glitches between some polygons. Now imagine if we could get this kind of graphics in a real game, like zelda. Instead, Uncharted 2 feels more like watching a Tomb Raider movie, maybe a third of the time is cut-scenes which fortunately are told pretty well, another third is climbing a linear path which is basically a long QTE, and the last third is a linear Gears of War style shooter, sometimes on rails. As usual with these movie-chapter games, you lose pickups between chapters, there is no free roaming and no replay value. The game crashed while loading a cut-scene about an hour before the end, but luckily this game isn't trying to be "retro" (see 3d dot game heroes) so it actually has autosaving. However, this autosave was placed after the cut-scene (like *cough* shadow complex), so I missed the story on why the guys suddenly were in a new place. The controls are just as flaky as in Alan Wake, the guy can't walk properly and gladly falls off the edge in some places, while in other places behaves smart. Trying to go online for some multiplayer took 15 minutes for updating the game with patches. I'm on a 100mbit connection and have never seen anything this bad on the 360. Funny note: he always has a gun in the cut-scenes, no matter what weapon you were actually carrying.

23d dot game heroes12h played so far. Blatant SNES Zelda rip-off. If you're gonna redo an old classic, at least make it AS good, preferrably with some modern twists. 3dgh has worse collision detection than the original. Lots of walkways and items are hidden solely cause the graphics are so crap. Crap graphics and low quality sound isn't the things that were good about the original game, so no need to try to emulate that. Worse isn't better, even if your excuse is "retro". All in all, this game works as yet another mediocre 2d-zelda between the releases of real zelda games. I can't believe there's not a lawsuit for this yet, most things are 1:1 copies and naming the few differences to zelda lttp would be easier than naming similarities. This shit game crashed on me so I lost 2-3 hours of gameplay, and since it's so true to all the shit things about being retro, of course it hadn't autosaved anything. If the game hadn't crashed or had been forgiving with autosaves, it would've deserved a score of 3. So if you're gonna play this, save often, manually.

2God of War 3 (demo)I thought I knew what I was going to try out, a button masher with QTE for bosses, but it was worse. It was dark, hard to see where to go next. Some cliffs have invisible walls so you can't fall over, other cliffs will kill you if you fall over, so you're supposed to jump over those. The graphics were a disappointment, this was what I actually thought would be the one thing I would appreciate from this game, but they just look like a ps2 game in hd. If I could replace the button mashing with autofire so I could just hold down a button to let him kill the enemies and also replace the QTE boss fights with just cut-scenes, the game could perhaps be bearable, but not now.

3.5inFAMOUS (demo)It's Prototype but with more long distance weapons instead of melee ones.

4Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Clank (demo)Pretty much the same impression as the Ratchet Demo, but with interesting puzzles. Still hard to control things with the ps3 gamepad though, stick and buttons are crap.

1Uncharted 1 (demo)"Insert Game Disc" ... Good work, Sony!

3.5Resistance: Fall of Man (demo)Classic style FPS with okay gfx (think Wolfenstein) (are all Insomniac 60hz vsync?). Would have worked better with a 360-gamepad and some button remapping too. Why do I have to set invert y-axis manually in every game? Heard of people complaining about FPSs not working on consoles? Well maybe they played with a ps3 gamepad instead of a 360 gamepad.

4The Last Guy (demo)Fine example of a small PSN-game.

3Yakuza 3 (demo)Jap GTA with more fighting, alot more fighting even on easy setting. Graphics and animations are not up to par with neither gta4 or other games, but the relevance of that is up to you.

4Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Ratchet (demo)Great graphics and nice gameplay (60hz vsync). Lots of stuff around for people with OCD. Aiming can be a bit flimsy with the gamepad. Has invert y-axis option!

3Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (demo)Can't invert y-axis? Superb graphics at a stable vsynced 60hz. Far too easy though, I almost fell asleep while playing. Now if only the ps3 had a better gamepad...

3Little Big Planet (demo)The intro reminded me of some insurance commercial. The game got some nice looking textures, but gameplay isn't very good. Being used to pixel-perfect control using a d-pad in 2d mario games, trying to steer the sluggish sackboy with the ps3 analogue controller was far too imprecise. I'm sure some kids will have a laugh at this in multiplayer and building crap levels.

2Heavy Rain (demo)What a horrible no-game. The graphics are pretty good for a game, too bad this isn't one. It's just one cut-scene after another, constantly throwing quick time events at you and waggling, yes, they stole waggling from the wii. Seriously, you need to hold down the analogue trigger button and tilt the stick to walk, this gets tedious fast. After about 20mins of play the game crashed, giving me horrible noises that scared the shit out of me and a black screen. I could still jump out to the menu screen though. Do yourself a favour and watch a real movie instead, last time I checked they didn't require you to waggle the popcorn to stop the movie from pausing.