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2Rime (3h youtube)Very nice graphics and audio, good animations too. Gameplay is just walking and moving blocks in simple puzzles to progress the mystery story, which is just constructed to be mysteric for the sake of it. Ends depressingly. Why would anyone want to play a game that ends with depression?

2No Man's Sky (10h twitch)

2.5Uncharted 4 (video)Good graphics/animation/face-cap/hair and ok story, but no gameplay worth doing. Probably looks even better on a real console, despite the 30fps. Seriously silly with the sony product ads for their phone, the playstation1 and the shitty crash bandicoot game they've stuck in there assuming everyone loves it, when it fact it was horrible crap. No nostalgia in that. For a game where all hangs on good graphics and intense scripted fights, turning the screen grayscale when you're low on health makes the game look worse when it's supposed to be the most exciting. Ends with a super slow long boring ending. All in all, this is a walking simulator.